The Wasatch County Democrats

County Leadership 2019-2021

Terri Goodall, Chair

Jennifer Lee, Vice Chair

Steve Hoffman, Treasurer

Aimee Armer, Secretary

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for our virtual convention on Saturday, April 11th!

We are pleased that we were able to put this online convention together for the benefit of our delegates. We approved the county candidates who will be on the ballot in November and the State Delegates who will represent Wasatch County at the Utah Democratic Party convention on April 25th. We also heard from statewide candidates who sent us videos that were played during the presentation. 

Utah Democratic Party 

Statement on COVID-19 & Democratic Caucus & Conventions


FARMINGTON, UT- Today the Utah Democratic Party (UDP) State Central Committee, comprised of Democratic state, county, and elected leaders, passed measures to address upcoming the caucus night on March 24 and conventions.

The State Central Committee has granted the UDP leadership authority to do the following:

  1. Cancel caucus nights in each of the 29 counties and allow delegates previously elected in 2018 to continue their service if they so choose. Counties will also be given authorization to make available to the public applications from individuals who are not delegates but interested in becoming delegates. Maximum flexibility under the law and UDP rules will be given to County Executive Committees to implement these changes.

  2. Shift County and State Conventions from in-person events to mobile events by instituting a “drive-by balloting” mechanism. This will ensure only credentialed delegates participate in voting. The annual Taylor and Mayne event will be rescheduled for a later date.

  3. Allow national delegate selection to also be done by “drive-by balloting.” The UDP will continue working with the Democratic National Committee, as it has been for the last several days, to ensure this process is as transparent, equitable and efficient as possible. We are also pleased to have the support of this aspect of the plan by local leaders of the Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden campaigns.

  4. Inform, upon the conclusion of the filing period on March 19, 2020, properly filed candidates about how counties and the UDP intend to help them reach delegates and voters over the rest of the campaign season.


Given the ever-changing situation, the UDP leadership has been given authority to adjust, modify, change or rescind aspects of this plan as dictated by federal, state or local law, or as circumstances dictate.


Jeff Merchant, Utah Democratic Party Chair.





The Wasatch County Democratic Party promotes and supports effective Implementation of good local government based on the principles of the Democratic Party. Our primary goal is to sustain or improve the quality of life of all residents in our County. While we subscribe to the issues and principles set forth by the Utah and National Democratic Party platforms, we also subscribe to a unique set of positions that are local to Wasatch County.


Terri Goodall, Chair

Wasatch County Democratic Party


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