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Hello, my name is Rudi Kohler and I am a Democrat living in beautiful Wasatch County, Utah. 


What is best and sustainable for our community may not be reflected by special interest groups, lobbyists and corporations. The true gauge is in the number of votes from the public and this is how I intend to support the voice of our community.  My positions on numerous issues are reflected in my platform. I believe these positions are consistent with those of most of the residents in Utah House District 54. Although many bills are compromises and a representative often has to accept less than perfection, you know where I stand. In those cases where the Legislature is out of tune with the public will, I intend to support initiatives where we can bring a measure directly to the public for a vote.


Much of my free time is spent rewriting and proposing new laws on the state and federal level to create a more just and equitable society. The resulting document has a working title of "Blueprint for a More Civil Nation." The general theme has been taken from an ancient Chinese proverb, "Unless we change direction, we're likely to end up where we're headed."


Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and please vote for Rudi Kohler in November..



  • Enhance health care access through increased Medicaid coverage.



  • Increase education funding to bring Utah students to the top level of achievement

  • Reduce student debt by reducing out-of-pocket tuition fees for state colleges and universities



  • Promote legislation that increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour resulting in greater income equality.



  • Support legislation that leads to cleaner air in Utah.

  • Recognize that climate change is real and take steps to minimize the problem.

  • Drop the effort for a state takeover of lands that belong to all the American people.

  • Take measures to enhance our environment and provide clean air standards for all counties in the state.



  • Promote a true two-party democracy that offers voters a choice.

  • Reform campaign financing

  • Establish rules that make voting both fairer and easier - not more difficult.

Political & Community Activity


  • Chair, Wasatch County Democratic Party 2006 to 2015

  • Board Member, The Board of Adjustments

  • Committee Chair,The Wasatch Trails Alliance

  • Chair, The Design Standards and Guidelines Committee for the Heber City Historical District

  • Frequent Guest Commentator for the Wave

  • KTMP Political Commentator for the Impact Show

  • Chair, Homeowners Association

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