Darek Slagowski is running for the Wasatch County Council South Seat. He has lived in Utah most of his life and has been in Wasatch county for nine years. Darek and his wife have 5 children and one grandchild and their children have attended Wasatch county schools from elementary through high school.  Darek is self-employed and runs an architectural design firm in Heber City.


Darek and his family choose to live in Wasatch County because of the quality of life. He believes that if we want that quality of life to continue then we need to be proactive with the issues that are facing our county. We have choices to make now that will have lasting consequences. We need to decide…accept the status quo or Dare to Make a Difference! Please vote for Darek on November 8, 2016.



  • Reduce air, noise, and light pollution.

  • Improve or increase recycling options in the county.

  • Preserve green spaces and our rural environment and manage growth.

  • Increase affordable housing options.

  • Investigate the feasibility of public transportation.

  • Improve pedestrian safety, find ways to make our community more walkable.

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Darek Slagowski  |  435-513-2223  |  darek.achd@gmail.com  |  www.dslag.org