Our Mission

The Wasatch County Democratic Party promotes and supports effective Implementation of good local government based on the principles of the Democratic Party. Our primary goal is to sustain or improve the quality of life of all residents in our County. While we subscribe to the issues and principles set forth by the Utah and National Democratic Party platforms, we also subscribe to a unique set of positions that are local to Wasatch County.

Our Values

We are the Democrats, the party of the people, the party of good government.

We cherish the American heritage of opportunity and inclusion. We pledge ourselves to upholding liberty and justice for all. We believe good government serves and protects us all by cooperative efforts both at home and abroad. We believe it is our duty to pass a better world to future generations.

We are dedicated to:

  • Equal rights for all

  • Peace

  • A sustainable global environment

  • Health care for all

  • High quality public education

  • An end to homelessness and hunger

  • A more balanced opportunity to share in our nation’s wealth

  • An equitable tax policy

  • Fiscal responsibility, integrity, openness and accountability in government

  • A criminal justice system that emphasizes rehabilitation

  • The rule of law, and keeping our judicial system free of politics

  • Religious liberty, upholding the separation of church and state

  • Human rights at home and abroad

View / Download the Wasatch County Democratic Party Constitution & By-Laws


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Precinct Officers

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Terri Goodall, Chair

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Jennifer Lee, Vice Chair

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Aimee Armer, Secretary

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Steve Hoffman, Treasurer

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Rudi Kohler, Parliamentarian

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